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  • 2019-09-10 16:39:17


Viop is the Futures and Options Market where futures and options contracts traded under Borsa Istanbul are traded.

Futures is one of the world's highest-volume and most volatile markets, where future prices of almost every product traded in the capital markets and more are traded.

We know that the prices of investment instruments such as gold, foreign currency and stocks are determined according to supply and demand in free market conditions and that the prices are constantly changing and this creates opportunities for investors. We can buy and sell the investments we have at the prices formed in the market conditions. So, at what price will we sell or buy an investment instrument that we do not have yet, but that we will have in the future? Or how do we turn our predictions about the markets into investments? In order to eliminate the risks arising from future price uncertainty in investment markets, futures contracts were started to be bought and sold, and these contracts were gathered under the umbrella of the organized exchange in order to provide guarantees to the parties in the forward contracts. Thus, producers and traders who are trying to protect against price risk have a solution, while investors have an attractive investment tool.

In the intense information flow of national and international markets where many derivative products are traded; It is only possible with the support of advanced technology infrastructure and market professionals specialized in this field to determine the needs and targets of the investor, to trade in the best trading conditions in the products and markets suitable for their own risk profile, to monitor the risks in the product they invest in, and to receive customized services and information flow.

Kurmay CM, to all its customers investing in futures transactions,

* Investor risk profile analysis, detailed risk reporting and determination of investment targets

* Product/market selection in line with the investor's needs and risk profile

* Providing the most suitable processing conditions and environment for the selected product/s

* Providing customized market monitoring and reports for the selected product/s

* Continuous risk analysis and monitoring and evaluation of investment targets

provides its services as standard. In addition, Soysal Danışmanlık experts continuously offer investor-specific services that are thought to add value to the investment environment of each Soysal Consulting client. Soysal Consulting; believes that long-term cooperation with its customers should be built on solid building blocks and that this structure should be constantly improved for each customer.