How Transactions Proceed

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How Transactions Proceed

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  • 2019-09-10 17:32:23


The financial market works 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Trading starts with the opening of Asian markets ( CHINA – JAPAN ) starting at 1 am GMT+3. Central Asia, Turkey, Europe and the American market are opened at 15:30 and the transactions continue. At GMT+3, 00:00, the American market closes and the Asian market opens again, and this cycle continues 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Markets all over the world are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

TRANSACTIONS; (What to do in this market?)

Buy-Sell transactions are made in this market. These are mainly;

1. Precious Metals; Like Gold, Silver,

2. Agricultural Products; Like Coffee, Sugar,

3. Petroleum and its Products; Such as Crude (Barrel) oil, Natural Gas,

4. Currency; All currencies, such as Euro, Dollar, Sterling, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar..

5. Viop; futures market,

6. BIST; Shares of companies in Borsa Istanbul 100 index……

7. All company shares traded in foreign companies' stock exchanges, including America and Japan.



All capital must be operated in basket logic. Not all capital is put into one argument and traded. Money is divided into 8-10. It should be processed by dividing into parts such as gold with some, oil with some, agricultural products with some, foreign currency with some, and RISK distribution should be made. In order to make a monthly profit, transactions should be made in line with the strategy developed. For example; If a purchase will be made under an ounce value of $1800, the PROFIT or LOSS will be calculated from this purchase. When entering the trade, TP is written as 1810 and is sold at 1810 dollars and the targeted profit is achieved and the profit is pocketed by closing the position. This transaction can also be closed with a loss. If the SL is determined as 1790 dollars when buying at 1800 dollars (stop loss), if the gold reaches 1790 dollars before it goes up to 1810 dollars, it will be closed at a loss at this price. Gold is not expected to come back to $1800.


The loss that will occur in one place because of the sudden and unforeseen fluctuations that may occur in the dollar will be compensated by the profit that will occur on the other hand (cross-trade) and the loss will be reduced to zero.

For example, if 100 transactions are made in a month, 10-15 of them can be closed at a loss. 8-10 of them can be closed head-on (no loss or profit). However, as the remaining 75 transactions are closed profitably, the targeted profit is reached at the end of the month.