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Stock Certificate

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  • 2019-09-10 17:29:17

An exchange or capital market exchange is an organized market in which tradable securities, commodities, foreign exchange, futures, and options contracts are publicly sold or purchased. The capital market creates an investment mechanism that supports productive activities, and the stock market is a market used to achieve this goal. The stock market is popular due to its regular trading mechanism, up-to-date prices, and real-time shopping, as well as creating a safe environment for investors' activities.

Transactions are carried out in many stock exchanges of the world. These; The highest profit is obtained by trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq OMX, Shanghai, Japanese Stock Exchange Group, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Euronext (Europe), London Stock Exchange and Istanbul Stock Exchange.

When investing in a company, we examine the company's dividend policy (profit distribution policy), price-earnings ratio, balance sheets and financial data. In addition to fundamental analysis, we also get information about the future performance of the company by looking at the past price movements of the company with technical analysis. As a result of a good fundamental and technical analysis done at the right time, the changes can be predicted and profits are made.

The shares you have purchased from any investment institution are kept in your name at the Central Registry Agency.

Kurmay CM offers special services to domestic and foreign individual and institutional investors in stock purchase/sale transactions.

We invite you to the world of privileges offered by Kurmay CM. We invite you to the world of privileges offered by Kurmay CM. Customer-specific service standards, appropriate commission rates, safe and fast information flow will change your old habits. We make our difference in reaching your goals by providing professional market support in line with the risk and return expectations of our investors.